Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Color Me Bella

Although I've used my fair share of Milani cosmetics, I haven't really used this brand's eyeshadow very much. The only Milani eyeshadow I have ever owned is the Runway Eyes Eye Shadow in Beach Sand 11. I like using this as a cheek highlight or a quick pick-me-up lid color whenever I'm in a hurry and want to look awake (and yes, alive as well). It brought out this very pretty foiled look when wet. 

Anyway, before I get too carried away, I am now going to talk about the STARS of this post. Eight beautiful stars by Milani called the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow. There are actually 30 colors in this Bella eyeshadow line. I bought eight, which I found in Walgreens and CVS. I am still on the search for Bella Mandarin. Last time I checked, it looked like my nearest CVS ran out of that color. Popular much, maybe?

On the Milani site and at Walgreens, the Bella shadows are $3.99. They are $4.49 at CVS, however. It's still rather affordable at that price point. Then again, I like $3.99 better. Hehe...

I was wondering how these are called Gel Powder eyeshadows when I don't see anything very gel-like about them. The website describes them "starting off as a gel that transforms through a special process as a powder." Hmmm... Interesting. I actually am glad they turned out to be powder. I won't have to worry about them drying out or getting funky with matching clay-like smell like how some gel or cream products turn out to be after a while. Hence, the limited shelf life of makeup. :P

The Bella shadows come in three finishes, which are Satin Matte, Shimmer, and Metallic. Really love the outcome of the metallic colors. The satin mattes are rich and bold, but I noticed quite a bit of fall-out from Bella Navy and Bella Black. Still no biggie. Although pesky, fall-out can be swept away by a fan brush, concealed or powdered over, or simply wiped off by any wipe of your choice. Out of the two shimmer eyeshadows I have, the one I've used so far is Bella Violet. It's not as vibrant, but the light catches a nice sheen to it. Plus, it makes a nice soft, pastel pop to blend over a darker crease color. I have yet to see how Bella Emerald (the other shimmer shadow) performs.

Now, let's name the colors I bought. Brace yourselves for every color named Bella. From left to right, top to bottom, the following colors are Bella Black (Satin Matte), Bella Navy (Satin Matte), Bella Cobalt (Satin Matte), Bella Teal (Metallic), Bella Violet (Shimmer), Bella Rouge (Metallic), Bella Gold (Metallic), and Bella Emerald (Shimmer).

Swatches provided are both in natural light and with flash. I did not use an eyeshadow primer or base with any of the swatches.

Because I only have a limited selection of Bella eyeshadow colors, I had to incorporate them with a couple other eyeshadow colors from different brands to complete each of the two EOTD (eye of the day) looks included in this post.

For the first look, I used Bella Rouge as a crease color. Bella Violet over the crease color to soften up the eye makeup a bit. I applied it on the inner portion of my lower lash line as well. Bella black for outer crease and corner definition. Bella Navy for the outer third of the lid and outer third of bottom lash line.

Bella shadows used on the second look are Bella Teal all over the lid. Bella Gold above the crease as well as on the lower waterline. On the lower lash line is Bella Cobalt.

Looking forward to getting a couple more colors for a full-on Bella look. Really looking forward to getting my hands on Bella Mandarin very soon. A few other colors are a potential buy too.

In the stores I shopped at, I haven't seen any indicators of them being limited edition. I hope they're not. I am happy with them so far. :)


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  2. Hello from your newest follower! Great review, pity we don't get Milani here in the UK. :)

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    1. @Sneha:

      Hi, Sneha. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :)

      Would be nice if the UK would carry Milani too. It has a handful of products worth trying. The closest thing I can think of is . It's a UK-based site that carries Milani cosmetics as well as other popular US brands both drugstore and mid-range. Not sure though if they have the Bella Eyes shadows. Hopefully they do or will. :)

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  5. Pretty make-up.