Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brushing Up with Icing

I've been coming to Icing for years and years to shop for costume jewelry every now and then, hair accessories, earring backs (because I'm notorious for losing earrings), and my holy grail eyeshadow applicators. I stock up on packets and packets of these like there is no tomorrow. I will briefly give them a mention again in a bit.

Prior to about a month ago, I haven't really thought much about trying out Icing's makeup brushes. I got curious one day and went ahead and bought a kabuki brush. Soon after, I had the urge to try out the other brushes as well.

Out of the Expert Beauty line of brushes, I had bought Expert Kabuki, Expert Blush, and Expert HD foundation. The bristles on all three brushes are 100% nylon. The Expert brushes come with black ferrules and white handles. The only Bamboo brush out of my purchases is the Bamboo Eyeshadow Crease brush. The bristles on this brush are 100% nylon as well. The handle is made of sustainable bamboo material. The kabuki and blush brush were both $7.50 the time I bought them. I paid $8.50 for the foundation brush, which was over the weekend. My guess is the prices of these Expert Beauty brushes have been raised. I noticed that on the website and in store too. The Bamboo brush has remained at $5.50 since the time I bought it, which was not too long ago. Less than a month ago, maybe.

First pro on these brushes is that they are multipurpose. Because the bristles on each of the brushes are nylon, they can be used with powder, liquid, or even cream products. Especially the HD Foundation Expert brush. So far, I like using this to apply liquid foundation or BB cream. I will try this out with cream blush or bronzer too. Also, the angled shape on each brush allow multipurpose use and with the smaller brushes, ease of applying concealer or foundation on tricky to reach areas like under the eyes and around the nose. I've used the kabuki brush for contouring as well as for setting powder all over my face. I prefer it for setting powder, although, it still works fine as a contour brush. What I like more for contouring is the Expert Blush brush. Because I typically opt for light contouring, the slightly fluffy bristles work well for seamless, light-handed definition. In terms of the Bamboo Eyeshadow Crease Brush being multipurpose, along side applying eyeshadow on the crease, I like this for applying transition and brow bone highlight colors as well. I'll see if I can use this as a concealer brush too.

Second pro is their affordability. Being in the less than $10 range, these brushes are very reasonably priced. As much as I like ELF brushes too, Icing brushes (or my long-time favorite, Real Techniques) are the way to go if you want to step up your makeup brush choices without spending an arm and a leg.

Last on my pros list is that they don't shed. To be honest, I've only washed the HD foundation brush once because I barely had just bought it. I'm still not worried about it shedding in the future. As for the rest, not a single bristle has fallen off of them after quite a few washes.

I've had some good news, and now for the bad, also known as the cons.

First con that comes to mind is that I can no longer find the angled version (like what I have) of the Expert Kabuki brush nor can I find the Expert Blush brush anymore. Hopefully they've been around for quite a while. If not, that sure was a fast turnover of products there. Although I feel quite bad about mentioning them even though I can't find them in store or online, I've seen alternatives in that same brush line like this rounded Expert Big Travel Kabuki Brush and an Expert Contour Brush (which I'd like to get my hands on).

The last con, especially for the Expert Beauty brushes, is that traces of makeup are very visible on those bright, white bristles. It's a relief that those marks go away once the brushes are washed.

I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more Icing brushes. I am very happy with how smoothly and easily they apply makeup, so I am looking forward to repurchasing more of these brushes very soon. :)

Oh, and before I forget, I keep coming back for the eyeshadow applicators because they effortlessly pack on colors on the lid. With a few pats, color on the lid goes on smoothly without tugging, blotching, or smearing too much. I am not really one for sponge-tip eyeshadow applicators, but the packs of 10 from Icing work well for me. That's what I started off with before I learned how to use actual eye makeup brushes. I like taking them around when I travel too.


  1. How how I miss Icing! We used to have a store here but it closed down! I loved their accessories so much! I never tried their makeup brushes but I wish I would have. Next time on vacation I will have to get to a store and try them! They sound great!


    1. @Rebecca:

      Hi, Rebecca.

      Sorry to hear Icing closed down in your area. Hope you'll get to visit one when you go on vacation. :) The brushes will be a pleasant surprise once you get to try them. :)

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    1. Hi, Rabea.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I stopped by yours and really enjoyed reading your post. Followed you on GFC, by the way. I'll follow you on Google+ and Bloglovin' too. Take care. Keep in touch. <3