Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mega Pro Palette 2 Madness

I can't believe I've had this beauty for a little more than a week already. I remember promising to get this for myself for about a couple of months since I first saw it somewhere online. It must've been on the Ulta Facebook Page. I was so glad AND relieved to find out the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 is sold by Ulta. They're available both online and in store. I remember that whole fiasco last year when not too many people were lucky enough to get their hands on the original Mega Pro Palette. I heard supplies were very, very, VERRRY limited. Yup, it was gone right when I wanted to order one. This was sold exclusively on the Lorac website. Let's say the palette wasn't around for a long time. :P

Luckily, it's a whole different story for the Mega Pro Palette 2. The official launch was on October 4th. It's still in stock until now. I bought mine at the Ulta store close to where my boyfriend lives. I thought of ordering the palette online, but I saw that it's in stock in the nearby location. My boyfriend suggested we might as well go there.

When I got to the store, all the palettes were in the checkout area instead of the aisle where the Lorac products are kept and displayed. The cashier told me the palettes were getting sold real fast. She said they were down to their last box already. Yikes. Glad I lucked out.

Mega Pro Palette 2 costs $59 for 32 eyeshadow colors. Not bad at all. You actually save more than, say, buying both the Pro Palette and the Pro Palette 2. They are $42 each. You save almost $25 by getting one big palette with more of a color selection instead.

This past week, I made sure to use the Mega Pro Palette 2 whenever I felt like dolling up a notch for work. I am really liking how these eyeshadows apply. They are smooth, buttery, and easy to blend. The color pay-off on the shadows I've used so far look rather nice. My favorite pops of color to play with have been Gold Leaf, Purple, Goji, Sorbet, and Melon. Blue Quartz is nice too. It doesn't swatch all that great, but it sure is stunning as a lid color. It's bright, but not in a ridiculously garish way. For the lighter colors, I could not stay away from Bisque, Porcelain, Sugar, and Prosecco.

When using the shadows, brace yourself to fall-out and powder kick-up. If you're like me, who likes to put foundation and other face makeup on first, have a fan brush or any brush handy to dust the shadow fall-out away. Another thing to be mindful of are all these light colors. Although I don't have a problem with all these highlight-like eyeshadow colors, it would've been nice to see more mid-tone or dark colors for more of a variety. Despite a multitude of light colors to choose from, the palette as a whole will still work great as a stand-alone.


  1. Such a wonderful palette dear! These shades are all lovely! xx

    1. @Beauty Unearthly

      The colors sure are lovely. The pops of bright ones really drew me to the palette. Coordinating them have been really fun too. :D