Monday, January 9, 2017

Lippies Doing the Talking

I seriously should've came up with a better title for this post. Anyway, let's get on to the actual post, shall we?

I've been loving liquid lipstick and lip gloss lately. I have especially been into Colourpop's lippies. My latest Colourpop conquest was ordering two lippies from the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection. I've been a fan of Colourpop for quite a while now, and then you add Hello Kitty to the mix, I am totally sold. (Makes me reminisce of the gold ole days when MAC had that Hello Kitty collection. I actually went nuts with that one.) Two of the lippies I ordered are Suprise, which is an Ultra Metallic Lip and Arigato, an Ultra Glossy Lip. They are a very reasonable price of $6 each. Pretty much anything on the Colourpop website is reasonably priced.

I have good news and bad news. Bad news first. As much as I dislike posting items that go out of stock, that, unfortunately, is the case of Surprise. I actually favor this lippie more than Arigato. The latter is nice too, but I tend to reach for Surprise a little more. Plus, the color payoff is eye-catching. Although the finish is metallic, it still isn't intimidating to wear. You still get that classic red lip with that extra slickness. Been looking up potential dupes for it. According to Temptalia, Let's Play (from the same brand, same Hello Kitty collection) is one of them. Luckily, this one is still in stock. It's also a dollar less.

As for Arigato, just like a typical lip gloss, this one wears sheer. It's definitely a beautiful topper for a bright hot pink lipstick like, say, MAC's Candy Yum Yum. (I'm glad this color became permanent, BTW.) A touch of this glittery gloss will add more life to lip colors in the fuschia or magenta family as well.

Surpise is described as cool-toned ruby red with copper and hot pink glitter while Arigato is hot pink with glitter of the same color.

A lot of products from the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection have all been sold out at some point. I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on at least a couple items when I got news of a re-promote on my email. Hopefully Surprise will be back in stock again.

I am wishing for this collection to stick around for a while. Although I probably won't be getting anything more from this collection, would be nice for other Colourpop-loving Hello Kitty fans to enjoy the pretty colors and cute packaging Colourpop x Hello Kitty has to offer.


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    1. @hokis 1981: Hi, Jacqueline! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Really appreciate it. Sorry it took me so long to get back to your comment. I will definitely check out your blog and follow. Take care.

      <3 Jannie

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